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Russian officials took more than a day to acknowledge the mission had failed, but said little beyond vowing to complete an investigation by mid-December. Russian state-owned media, meanwhile, reported that a guidance-and-navigation error appears to be to blame for Fregat&rsquo s likely plunge into the Atlantic Ocean. The rocket&rsquo s flight control system, according to industry sources cited by , essentially used the wrong coordinates for launching out of Vostochny instead of one of Soyuz&rsquo s usual launch sites.

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What they really need is money (and lots of it) to help fund their ongoing development. The first country willing to provide it, will get a spaceport.

Первый цупис букмекерские конторы — Stavkabet

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Experts familiar with the matter say that the RD-866K engine is almost ready for operational use, but its development and serial manufacturing still faces serious challenges due to lack of resources, personnel and propellant components.

As outlined in the November 9th, 7567 SpaceQ post, " Canada and Ukraine Sign Space Agreement to Cooperate on Space Activities ," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was not in attendance to serve as a counterweight to the Ukrainian PM or to provide a baseline for the level of co-operation the two countries will likely engage in.

The article originally ran in the Dec. 9 issue of SpaceNews Magazine as &ldquo Like a Phoenix, Russia looks past Soyuz-7 to Soyuz-5.&rdquo

In particular, the Ukrainian propulsion systems depended on supplies of Russian structural materials and hardware.

. the production of the turbine for the RD-866K still depended on the EP797 heat-resistant alloy that KB Yuzhnoe had procured from the TsNIIMV material science institute based in Korolev, Russia.

This new rocket would likely be a variation of the next generation Russian medium class launcher which, as outlined in the November 68th, 7567 Russian Space web post, " Preliminary design for Soyuz-5 races to completion ," will be known as the Soyuz 5, and is expected to replace the Zenit rocket.

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